The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki

Summer vibes ft. Ivana Helsinki

So summer is here and with it travel… I didn’t have a summer holiday abroad but luckily Miss Petite Mexico Maria Naranjo did, in Finland. It is always great to collaborate with awesome people and in this case we had to make sure she would take some cool, bright and flashy pictures from her short stint up here in Helsinki.

Maria wore for the shoot the Silva – Time Passes By Collection dress, the pink Rescue Dog Bomber Jacket from the Animal Rights! Collection and the Moomin Kukka skirt also by Ivana Helsinki, this complemented by one of my designs at The Nordic Outpost to add extra color.

She was not alone in this flash shoot though, my friends and co-workers (at Mikko and Toivo were curious about the shoot so they asked if they could join… they probably just meant to watch but I totally included them in the shoot, and I gotta say it was a good call, they look badass

It was a pretty sweet summer morning so we took to the Allas Sea Pool and shot this colorful editorial, special thanks to the models and Ivana Helsinki for providing the clothes. Enjoy!


Ivana Helsinki Ivana Helsinki The Nordic Outpost - Beerdigan The Nordic Outpost - Beerdigan The Nordic Outpost - Beerdigan Ivana Helsinki Ivana Helsinki IMG_7894 The Nordic Outpost - Beerdigan The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki Ivana Helsinki - \The Nordic Outpost The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki IMG_7981 The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki The Nordic Outpost - Ivana Helsinki

Model: Maria Narajo (Mexico) , Toivo Toikka (Finland) and Mikko Keränen (Finland)

Photography and concept: Beto Guzman Abundes (Mexico)

Photo Editing: Alex Purtov (Russia)


The Nordic Outpost

The Nordic Outpost – Nordic Surf Collection Pt. 1

So we have actually launched our own brand, The Nordic Outpost… it is all taking shape and we are now ready to share our designs with the public. The first part of the collection is bright with Blue, Pink, Purple and Gray at the forefront, in this first part you can see how the Baja California vibes take over and make their way to the North.

We actually had an amazing time shooting these on Midsummer here in Helsinki, we hope you like the first part, next up are the darker green and black shirts with a darker vibe with some Russian feels in the mix too.  We hoped to make clothes that fit both men and women, not genderless but in fact universal.

Special thanks to Paula and all those who have helped shape the collection, its been quite some years in the making but we should finally have them available for purchase this Fall.

IMG_6888 IMG_6896 IMG_6942 IMG_7061 IMG_7171 IMG_7198quick-webIMG_7254 IMG_7330 IMG_7342 IMG_7379

Clothes: The Nordic Outpost

Model: Paula Pötry (Finland)

Photography: Beto Guzman Abundes (Mexico)

Editing: Alex Purtov (Russia)


El Nuevo Reino de León

Every time we ring in a New Year we think of the past years and how far we have come. This Editorial was shot in Nuevo León, Mexico a territory founded in 1580 by Luis Carvajal y de la Cueva a well known Forced Portuguese Converted Jew, as many families coming to the New Spain.  Mexico, New Spain at the time was under the ruthless authority of the Spanish Inquisition which considered judaism a crime and persecuted forced converts suspected of practicing judaism.

Nuevo Reino de León as well as other provinces as such as modern day Coahuila, Texas, Zacatecas, Guerrero and Michoacan along with the Capital had many ¨converted¨families living with fear of the Spanish Inquisition.

Many traditions faltered, people hid their jewish past but we can find many traditions and dishes that were once jewish as important part of Mexican culture in these regions, specially Nuevo León. Some might argue this is not true but current DNA testing of people hailing from these provinces have shown that they do have a Sephardic origin.

In this Editorial I wanted to mix a little bit of the hidden history of Nuevo Leon with an up-and-coming designer from Monterrey and his brand Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro, Daniel Guerra a Texas born model and some Israeli influences I picked over in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

It is fun to play with culture and even more so to imagine what a Nuevo Reino de León Style would be if our Jewish heritage would have not perished under the Spanish Inquisition.

Hope you enjoy the editorial, and if you want to learn more about the jewish heritage of Nuevo Leon, Texas and Mexico you can check out the many articles and research made by the Centro Carvajal Sefarad in Monterrey.

Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-A Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-B Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-C Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-D Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-E Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-F Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-G Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-HNuevo-Reino-de-Leon-N Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-I Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-J Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-K Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-L Editorial-Nuevo-Reino-de-Leon-M

Clothes: Atelier Sesenta y Cuatro (Nuevo León), Kalevala Buddy Earth Americas Necklace by BiiSafe/Kalevala Koru and Beerdigan by The Nordic Outpost (Finland)

Model: Daniel Guerra (Texas/Nuevo León)

Photography and concept: Beto Guzman Abundes (Mexico)



The Gnome Liberation Army takes Finland

Winter is around the corner and the only colors we see in the North are Black and grey. This season’s editorial comes at a time where everything seems to be winding down and people retreat to their homes and christmas parties.

This Fall we picked a collection from Israel, a collection from a talented young designer who just graduated from Shenkar College, Roy Derhi.

The collection is called the Gnome Liberation Front and it’s Roy’s graduating project from the prestigious Shenkar Fashion Design Department. The project would not only catch our attention, it actually caught the attention of H&M and earned him a spot in the company’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden this Fall!

The Collection is playful, artful and a strong play of shapes, colors and extravagant design that leaves us craving for more.

In order to make justice to the collection I had to have an equally stunning model, this is where the 1,90-something Finnish National Ballet Dancer Thibault Monnier was the only one who could bring this collection to life. Thibault is a French national living in Finland, an expat that graces us with his talents in the Opera House and from time to time as an imposing and artful model.

The idea of the Editorial is to showcase amazing design from abroad and highlight how great it is to collaborate with talents from around the globe with Finland as home base. This collection amazed me since I found it on Instagram and I’m super excited to finally show you how amazing it looks when roaming the streets of Helsinki.


The Gnome Liberation Army Project by Roy Derhi

The inspiration for the collection comes from it’s namesakes, the Garden Gnomes. Why gnomes you ask? According to the European Folklore, garden gnomes are the guardians of the land and vegetation. Spawning all over Germany in the 1920’s these continue to adorn the patios world-wide.

Roy explained how Gnomes were twofold creatures, they could be cute and magical and also hedonistic and disturbed looking, an ambivalence that makes them perfect for a Fashion Collection. The Gnome Liberation and all it’s Gnome liberating tactics were a great inspiration to Roy. The rebels who took the gnomes and rebelled against consumerism have a playful idea to them, and the collection would pick up where they left and incorporate some playful German Military vibe and the playful spirit of the garden gnomes.

In the designs, you can see the kitsch aspects of the flamingos, pom-poms, and glitter to resemble the gnomes as well as the militant aspect of the suspenders, shoulder pads and hard edges to resemble the army uniform. This tension seems to be relevant in today’s consumerist society, where we have simultaneous aspects of seriousness and mischief, as well as kitschy-ness and hardedge.

This collection is more than awesome and it brings the levity and art we need before we say goodbye to sunshine this Winter.

Hope you enjoy the Photos as much as we enjoyed planning it, special thanks to Thibault Monnier for modeling, Roy Derhi for letting us use the collection and Michael Shamai for helping us get it from Tel Aviv to Helsinki.

img_5623 img_5650 img_5683 img_5688 img_5708 img_5734 img_5756 img_5782 img_5785 img_5797 img_5803 img_5837 img_5846 img_5879 roy-derhi-9thibaultc

Clothes: Roy Derhi (Israel)

Model: Thibault Monnier (France)

Photography and concept: Beto Guzman Abundes (Mexico)

Photo Editing: Alex Purtov (Russia)

87 MM Seoul

87MM SS/17 – Hera Seoul Fashion Week

Menswear, no matter where you go, nobody beats the showsmanship and swag of Korean Menswear Runways. This year at Hera Seoul Fashion Week we had the great pleasure to catch 87MM and their Spring 2017 collection.

The collection itself is strong in 1970’s influences and it makes us want to see Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale in a period classic again. The collection is quite formal but it has its out there moments (which we loved), personally I can see myself working out like crazy so I can pull off the white power suit and the trenches.  Amazing looks,  now if you excuse me I need to go workout my ass off so I can buy this next spring.

Thanks to 87 MM for the invite for their show, we definitively are fans and will keep an eye on them and Korea from now on.

87mm1 87mm2 87mm3 87mm4 87mm5 87mm6 87mm7 87mm8 87mm9 87mm10 87mm11 87mm12 87mm13 87mm14 87mm15 87mm16 87mm17


Pictures courtesy of Hera Seoul Fashion Week.