The Vinyl Vikings ft. Jorge Ayala

The spirit of adventure is dwindling in our times, there are no longer far away lands nor distant cultures we cannot be in touch through the internet, social media or regular media. Coming from Mexico we see the Nordics as exotic and far away but now being here I see how we are both perceived as exotic and colorful for them too.

For this Editorial I had the great pleasure of using the creations of Jorge Ayala, one of Mexico’s top fashion designers and indeed one of the most groundbreaking ones due to his use of color, shapes and an interpretation of modernity and urban styles that we don’t often see in Mexican Fashion.

Jorge Ayala is a Paris based brand and as such it serves as a cultural ambassador to Mexican culture abroad, as we all do as artists far from home. This Editorial is a mix of influences, a bit of Nordic and some American pop, but the distinct Mexican colors brighten not only the shot but bring vitality to the worn up concept of Vikings.

The Vinyl Vikings as I dubbed the editorial is a mix of 1990’s influences, super-model era power shots and a playful approach to sensuality in a very urban style.

With the help of Mira and Miila we got an amazing modern twist on the Viking braiding and war paint and our models could have not been better suited to bring this 90’s style Viking twist to life.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it this past weekend here in Helsinki, Finland.


JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda--1 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---2 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---3 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---4JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda--50 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---5 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---6JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---7JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---10 Jorge Ayala X Chingatumoda JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda--34JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---35Jorge-AyalaXChingatumoda---12 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---11JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---31JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---36 JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---38 AyalaParisChingatumoda-12bJorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---42JorgeAyalaXChingatumoda---37

Models: Miranda ChambersTapio Holvio, Mahdi Hamidi & Konsta Kettunen
MUAH: Miila Hyökki & Mira Luhtala
Clothes: Jorge Ayala Paris
Photos and concept: Beto Guzman Abundes

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