Stora Hotellet

Some places should be celebrated, in this case why not do it through a fashion editorial. Storal Hotellet is a boutique hotel in Umeå, Sweden which is cozy, classy and oh so cool.

During my fall trip to Sweden I had the chance to stay there again and shoot some frames with two amazing Swedish models. Andreas has the most epic beard and it fits perfectly with the vibe and the movember feel, and Vicky is so sweet she actually ties the whole thing together in the most Wes Andersonian way possible.

Location, Stora Hotellet Umeå, Sweden.

Clothes by Raul Ozuna and Ivana Helsinki, Accesories by Lusasul and Marita Huurinainen

Front Desk


Princess 3

Movember 1

movember 4

princess 5

Movember 2

Princess 1

movember 3

movember 5


Model Andreas Roth and Vicky (Sweden)
Photos and Styling Beto Guzman Abundes

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  • Joe

    18 November, 2014 at 5:28 pm Reply

    Pefection everywhere!!!! The colours, the models – good job!

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