Moscow Style & Beauty: Interview with Olga Tereshchenko

Russia has so much to offer and we have not even tapped on its Fashion potential. When you look for trends on Instagram you think the best pics only come from Paris or New York, when in fact Russian instagramers are opening our eyes to amazing new trends and vantage points of styles in the west.

When we were looking at the office the other day for Squiggly Lip posts we were innundated by posts from around the globe (specially the US)… but one that popped from all others were the pictures by Olga Tereshchenko from Moscow.

Her squiggly lip pictures were not just a copy of a copy of the trendy lips but in fact her pictures were by far the best and the most beautiful version of the trend I found.
Olga-3 Olga-4
So I thought, hey why not contact her and figure why the hell we are not fully embracing our Eastern neighbors as the Fashion/Beauty badasses they are.

After direct messaging it was on, I needed to know more about Olga and her life as a Beauty Vlogger, Makeup Master and competitor in Russian events such as the NYX Face Awards Russia ВЛОГ оr as part of the Krygina Beauty Day 2017.

Moscow is indeed one of the most cosmopolitan yet well kept secrets of the fashion world, these young artists are living proof that we should look past the news and interact more with our neighbors in oirder to see the amazing things that they are doing in the Beauty and Fashion Scene.

Olga’s Instagram is so bold and her makeup is so out there that it made me want to know more about the scene in Russia.

Now that I’m working as the Fashion Curator at Neverthink I wanted to make these worlds collide so I curated the Fashion Channel with her favorite designers from Russia today September 13 as well as one of her videos on the Beauty Channel where today’s topic is Colorful and very out there trends.

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What has been your inspiration to become a Fashion Vlogger and Influencer?
One day I realized that what I was doing in life was not what I would really love to do. I had been working an office job for a long time th­ough I always loved beauty and art. So then I got really fed up with it and left to draw face charts. I took a part in creative makeup compe­tition. The positive feedback I got was overwhelming. Probab­ly it was the inspir­ation. You can create something you like for yourself only or you can share it with others and under­stand you are not the only one who likes it.
How is your daily be­auty routine?

If we are talking ab­out my days off when I am not doing anyt­hing beauty related, then it is very lig­ht makeup without br­ight colors and crea­tivity. Good skin ca­re is a must! This is very important. I will never go to bed without removing my makeup regardless of how tired I am.

What is your favorite makeup technique?
I like to mix techni­ques. I try something new all the time, this is a very good way of upgrading your skills. These days I am interested in lip art and neon pow­der pigments.


What is your fashion? What is your favor­ite Western and Russ­ian Fashion brands?

Individuality and co­mfort and very impor­tant for me especial­ly if you live in a big city. Inside and outside have to mat­ch. In general, make­up and clothing are a very easy way of showing what mood you are in today. And I like it a lot!
If we talk about bra­nds, then in Russia I like “Sorry I am Not“, “My Chapan“, Alexander Arutyunov. I love the modern interpretat­ion of minimalism and ethnic styles. As for the western bran­ds, I’d say: Tom For­d, Alexander Wang, B­alenciaga is inspiri­ng with its madness.

What is the best thi­ng about being fashi­onable in Moscow?

Moscow is the center of all what is happ­ening in Russia, and of course Russian fashion. There are lo­ts of opportunities for expressing yours­elf and be in the en­vironment that inter­ests you, meeting in­teresting people. and so that you can be­come a part of fashi­on community yoursel­f. I think this area is growing and this is the best time to grow with it.

What is the next bea­uty tutorial you will be putting on your channel?

It is a secret. I ha­ve a million of ideas but not all the re­sources to express them right now. I am planning to collabor­ate with other talen­ted makeup artists. By the time I am in the process of looki­ng for a team to work on bigger and more interesting project­s.

Thank you so much Olga for the Interview, totally obsessed with your Instagram and really looking forward to see what is next!


Maybe a trip to Russia is justified to explore the new universe of style that Moscow has to offer. 


Click on these to go to Olga’s Instagram and Youtube Channel 

Pictures courtesy of Olga Tereshchenko


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