New Nordic Luxury

Helsinki is a Capital still defining itself through Art and a new kind of Luxury which is a combination of classic and modern views on it. For this photoshoot we wanted to show this new spirit of Nordic Luxury which make the Finnish Capital so special.

These clothes will for sure be new classics in the Era of Jaden and Willow Smith who are the clearest examples of a new Fashion sense that combines Luxury, Comfort and Erased Gender Lines which we adore.

Our Model Thibault brings poise to the shoot as he wears the amazingly delicious Furs by Gemmi Fur House, Frenn‘s pants and shirts accompanied by a luxurious Drexel envelope brief from Tumi’s  Astor collection.

Hotel Haven at the heart and soul of Helsinki.

Hotel Haven was indeed the perfect location as it is one of the best hotels in the City and it is one with the best mix of style and modernity without sacrificing Luxury. The Luxurios Hotel Haven in Unionkatu 17 standing just next to the Helsinki Harbor making it one of the best located hotels in the Country.

From the Hotel you have all the important attractions and we even went out and shot in this amazing small gallery next to the hotel called Gallery Sculptor (Eteläranta 12).



The pieces in Gallery Scuptor  photographed in the following pictures are Pimeyden Imu /Tempting Darkness and Umpikuja/Dead-End by Finnish Artist Umppa Niinivaara from her project Sykli/The Cycle which will be there until April 17.

About “The Cycle”
“The Cycle is a circulation passage to the white emptiness through an tempting dead-end and the darkness. The exhibition consists of four sculpture installations reaching through the space in vertical shapes, leading the viewer from the darkness to the light. The light however doesn’t symbolism hope, healing, but emptiness, disappearance.

The exhibitions variable emotional state get a physical character through organic shapes and by nature different materials. The sculptures rhythm in the darkness; their stretch as heavy objects through the space; the fragile materials rise and submersion out of the space leads the viewer into a cycle of emotional state/ emotional state cycle.”
GemmiFrenn, TumiGemmi, Tumi, Frenn Gemmi, Frenn, Tumi

A Vision in Fur

Fashion and Luxury go hand in hand and nothing represents Luxury better than Fur. These Fur coats follow the path and tradition of Nordic Fur and it combines its craftsmanship with amazing and fashion-forward models which are not like your Grandmother’s coat.

Gemmi will open its Flagship Store later this month in Helsinki across from the Fazer Cafe and next to Glo Hotel in Galleria Esplanad.

Gemmi-Bathtub-1 Gemmi-Bathtub-2 Gemmi-Bathtub-3

Frenn a new class of Gentleman

Frenn does something that most brands focusing on men in Finland don’t, they add a dapper cool vibe that reminds us of Clooney but doesn’t restrict us to traditional forms of fashion. The materials are not only amazing but also comfortable, wearing classic has never been this cool, pair it with a jacket of fur like we did in the shoot but you will see how Frenn ads a little bit more heart to it.

Hotel Haven Hotel-Haven-5

Special thanks to Hotel Haven and Galleria Sculptor for letting us shoot in their amazing location as well as to the brands and our amazing Model.

Model: Thibault Monnier (France)

Hair and Makeup: Mira Luhtala (Finland)

Photography and Styling: Beto Guzmán Abundes

Clothes: Gemmi Fur House, Frenn Company  and bag by Tumi.


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