Ivana Helsinki – SS/15 “Moomin by Ivana Helsinki”

Ivana Helsinki comes back this Fashion Week with a brand new collection celebrating one of Finland’s most Iconic Cultural Exports, Tove Jansson’s Moomin. The year 2014 marks Finland’s storytelling Icon’s 100th Birthday and its quite fitting that Paola Suhonen (one of Finland’s modern day Fashion Icons) brings us a collection celebrating Jansson’s work through the best of Scandinavian Design.

Presented this past days in Helsinki and in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo this past October 16 we can see how this strong and romantic collection take life. A great piece of design and art which takes us back to our childhood years where fairy tales and Japanese animated were the day to day of everyday life. It is nice to see elements from our childhood take life in this elegant Scandinavian Fashion Style.

The collection has Ivana Helsinki’s signature  Melancholic aesthetic and blend of prints and knits perfectly adorned by the beloved Moomin Characters. By creating this bright and beautiful outfits we can see a portrayal of femininity which is not frail but a little bit sad and mysterious, just like Finnish Summer which is short, bright and a little bit too short which is sad.

This collection is iconic in its own right, a fairy tale come alive….not in the pages of a book but in layers of fabric and print as re-imagined in style.



Ivana Helsinki @ Tokyo Fashion week. #Tokyo #Ivanahelsinki #Japan #Fashionweek #SS15 #PaolaSuhonen @mbfwtokyo @moominofficial #Lace

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Ivana Helsinki @ Tokyo Fashion week. #Tokyo #Ivanahelsinki #Japan #Fashionweek #SS15 #PaolaSuhonen @mbfwtokyo @moominofficial #Provinssi-87 View on Instagram


In a more Warholian Age of Style, it is Scandinavia’s time to shine with an elegant and less flashy approach to childhood-nostalgia-made fashion.

With the overtly pink Jeremy Scott Moschino Barbie couture on one side and Ivana Helsinki’s Nordic Melancholic Moomin Pop we now have the two ends of the Fashion Week Style spectrum clearly defined. You may like an electric hue or maybe a more subtle palette, this fashion week season has it both, take your childhood nostalgia and wear it all summer long.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite collections this year, I cannot wait to see these in person and in conjunction to other Finnish brands on my Fall editorials in Finland.


Pictures and Video courtesy of Ivana Helsinki, you can get the collection in the Ivana Helsinki Webstore this spring.



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