Malafacha – SS/15 “La última danza”

The closing event for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City was no other than Malafacha, the Mexican pop-bad boys of Fashion. They tend to be a little on the dramatic side with shows and collections that have an extra umph. Last year they Marveled us with a collaboration with Marvel Comics in a re-imagination of the Marvel Universe Villains.

This year thought they went for a more Gallery style of umph, a show and collection inspired by the work of German Dancer/Choreographer and Artist Pina Bauch’s and her well famous Tanztheater. The guys at Malafacha went full theater with dramatic music and movements that pulled the audience towards the runway which was full of garments perfectly fit for Gods in the Marvel Universe of Thor. Full Circle guys, full circle… good job.
Malafacha 2 Malafacha 3 Malafacha 4

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