LCMDF, Girlpower & Style

LCMDF is Finnish Electro-Pop Punk Duo with an amazing career that has taken them to Japan, all over Europe and the USA. Their last song “Rookie” is the perfect anthem for the still very relevant fight for equality, they  have brought back Girl Power and it is awesome.

The song gave birth to this Editorial, an Editorial where we  pay tribute to the style and power of the image of Women over the past 100 years.  We take so much for granted but we know that the fight for equality is never over and we must stop biggotry and go forward with a possitive message for those younger than us, we are the generation of Change lets not let Trump, Le Pen or Kesha’s Douchebag Producer define what our generation stands for.  OK, too much analysis. but lets begin!

Special Thanks to LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki, Monki, Laura GröndahlGtie and the amazing Hotel Kämp for their help in making this Editorial Happen.

THE 1920’s


We begin with the Suffragettes of the early 19oo’s -1920’s, thought their style was slowly changing from constraining corsets and dramatic and uncomfortable dresses which reflected their struggle in their daily life as they fought for the right to property and to vote. Of course the looks are revamped with Ivana Helsinki, Monki and in the luscious setting of Hotel Kämp in Helsinki

LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki

THE 1940’s


The 1940’s  were a time of change, women joined the labor force and war tore apart the world. The style of the epoch echoes of style and struggle. As regular life slowly went back to normal, powerful songstresses like Edith Piaf and Designers like Coco Chanel led the march as they became more predominant, independent and ever so iconic.  The inspiration for these outfits were indeed Piaf and it was the last time we had true Classic Hollywood Glamour.

LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki

THE 1960’s and 70’s


The 1960’s and 1970’s brought a whole new era of Style, women were active and were cementing their position in the world as they took to the office and rebelled along men in Woodstock and then Studio 54. The inspiration for this look is Classic Rock and Roll and the power of Disco. The Ivana Helsinki Jackets are so current yet so amazingly vintage that the Pink Ladies in Grease would without a doubt approve.

1960-1 LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki

THE 1980’s


I’m not gonna lie, the 1980’s were a mess regarding style, the best thing to come out was the music and the cheesy Pretty in Pink/Ferris Bueler movies. I believe I cannot be sentimental of a time when i was mostly dressed by my parents and all I can recall is Alf and the Love Boat to some degree. There is beauty in this decade tho, the out of control Glam Rock Hair that men and Tina Turner sported for sure made it for a decade of strong fashion statements. For this look we with something more current, very colorful and baggy clothes (which are so in right now, like everything 80’s.. have you heard of this little show called Fuller House).  Lets just have a moment of silence for Mullets, Glam Hair and shoulder pats our moms wore to prom, and that they may never become that big again.



THE LATE 1990’s and 2000’s


These two decades were a whirlwind, women already work that is so old news… we have had Women Presidents and Prime Ministers and even a Lady Gaga. Women from these decades are now guiding us men like no other generation has ever done so, women are equals in our generation and women have achieved great success in most all aspects of working life (though some regions and areas are still faced difficulties).

Our generation is now one that lives digitally, from our politics on Facebook and Twitter to TV on Netflix we are a generation that is vocal and often too preocupied with their image on social media. This has created great opportunities but also problems, the heroes of this period are those still fighting for equality at home and abroad, those women  who range from Lawyers, Politicians, Scientists, Coders, Singers  and Actresses.

There is still a glass ceiling but we have our girls to reach it an break it once and for all. We salute all Millenial and Gen X Girls with these looks.

LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki LCMDF, Ivana Helsinki


We hope you enjoyed the Looks as much as we enjoyed putting them together,  thank you LCMDF you girls rock!



Models: Emma and Mia Kemppainen (LCMDF)

Clothes: Ivana Helsinki, MonkiLaura Gröndahl and Gtie

Location: Hotel Kämp

Hair and Makeup: Mira Luhtala

Photo and Styling: Beto Guzmán Abundes


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