Brooklyn Style : Interview with @KKdeadfly

Fashion is an ever-changing thing, we now relly on social media to follow brands, trends and people. Our style is deeply influenced by our surrounding but now more than ever it is easy to learn from those with an exquisite taste anywhere where there is wifi.

This week I’m writing about the amazing KK from Brooklyn, NY. Her instagram popped after clicling some random hashtags and boy I was happy about it. Her instagram is full of awesome hypebeast moments, fashion week bits and is worthy of Streetwear halls of fame. Her style got me thinking, I need to know more about KK so I reached out and asked her some of the things that came to my mind when I went through her IG feed.

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In addition thanks to her answers I curated the Fashion Channel @Neverthink with some of her faves as well as a couple of her own clips. Tune in Friday September 29 to the Fashion Channel on Neverthink.

It’s always so exciting to find new cool influencers and I’m really glad KK let me interview her and feature her on the Fashion Channel on Neverthink.

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The Interview.
1.How and when did you fall in love with fashion?

I was 16 when I realized fashion was my life. I started putting outfits together & styling myself at a point. I began to also style a few of my friends, and next thing you know it elevated me from there & I created this image for myself.

2.At what point did you realize you are an influencer?

I realized after while I was content with this fashion life, this was me. I created this image I wanted for myself. I started getting tattoos that stand out but also was art on top of that fashion as well, it all added up.

A lot of people started to see my image & was amazed just because it was different to them, plus I was different. Certain designers would reach out wanting me to collab in fashion events, shows, photoshoots, even be an creator director for their street brand. I knew I was an influencer when I started to see that I inspired a lot of people around me & “close friends,” & people I barley even knew.

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3.How would you define your style?

Most people would define it as too much sauce or fly. For self I think my style is very unique & different, I can make an look out of something and make it fashionable. It doesn’t matter what I put on, Style is how you perfect it and rock it.

4.What are your favorite brands?

I have a couple of fun brands that inspires me. I love Supreme, Kappa, Off white, Adidas, Champion, Gucci Thrasher, mostly Urban wear clothing.

5.Who is your inspiration, from who did you learn to style and how influences?

I feel like I’m my only inspiration. As I got into different fashion creators events that lead me to open up & get creative. At a time I also had my own brand that lead me to be inspired. I started to style for my brand and used a couple of friends as models. I directed all shoots, clothing, I made clothes from scratch. I created all views on what message I was trying to pursue, that influence me more of who I am today.

6.Who is the one person to follow if you want to be on trend?

If I could say one person that I would follow or maybe get fashion inspiration from Is lil uzi. Other then that I’m my own trendsetter. I do my own thing and make my image as an trend, I want what I do to help others get inspired as well & the people around me.

7.What’s a tune you have in your head right now, and who is your favorite artist?

The biggest tune that is lit right now in my head is Bad & bougie by Migos feat Lil Uzi off their latest culture album.
Lil Uzi is one my favorite artist right now, his vibes and aura is dope, kinda reminds me of myself lol

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8.How big is your closet? You have so many amazing outfits we are curious to see your style room.

My closet is not even a closet, I actually made a specific room as an walk in closet where I keep all my jiggy clothes. I literally have clothes everywhere too many clothes that I never even wore before.

9.Dream collaboration in fashion?

My dream collaborations in fashion i always wanted to model & get my image out there just so people could see different. I wanted to collab with different designers like H&M, KAPPA, URBAN OUTFITTERS, FIlA, BLACK PYRAMID, JERMEY SCOTT, etc. I always wanted to showcase my look, style, & image just so I can become an feature on different fashion statements.

10.What advice would you give to other people who look up to you and your style?

The advice I would give people that I make an influenced on is to always know who you are & want to become. Always be yourself always know what’s best for you never change up. Do things that you love create an path that’s for you. Stick to your own image and make it into something rock it with passion until it’s the death of you. If you love something you would die for it.

We indeed are looking forward to seeing more of you rocking the streets of NYC.

Photos courtesy of @KKdeadfly

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