BEAUTY: the fashion Ilustrations of Kevin Arzola

Young talent is wild and full of potential, a little bit influence a lot more introspection… as I stumbled upon the art of Mexican illustrator Kevin Arzola I saw an awesome blend of color, criticism of classic beauty and style.

Fashion Illustration has a long history, it precedes and transcended the fashion process as well as the people wearing the clothes. Centuries of portraits, carvings in monuments and papyrus have taught us what people wore and their ideal of beauty. Civilizations as old as the Egyptians and their pharaohs along with Louix XIV are among the most perfect examples of how fashion was synonym of power.

Fashion Illustration as we know it serves more of a creative purpose today, we live in a visual world where everything has an icon or an image. Long gone are the days of portray unveiling and the commissioning of portraits as a sign of wealth, interface is all people care about now. In an increasingly visually polluted environment it is nice to see illustrations just as ART and not a sale tool or an idiot’s guide to fast food or a shop.

Kevin Arzola’s illustrations are pop and playful, he has been featured in Nylon Magazine Mexico and Kenzo Mexican Fashion Illustrators to watch. His early days inspiration was Japanese Manga and has gone through Warhol and keith haring to modern day muses like the Estonian Fashion Model Beauty Tiiu Kuik.

For more illustrations visit his Tumblr site. or follow him on Instagram

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