Jorge Duque – SS/15 “Eugene”

Mexico City was the center of Latin American Fashion this past week and we were lucky enough to get some pretty cool seats in the Jorge Duque Show. Jorge Duque was the Project Runway Latin America 2010 winner making him one of the most recognized faces in Fashion Week this year as he presented his collection inspired in the it girls of the Napoleon III times “Eugene”.

Duque’s show started with a bang (and a buzz) as Cuautehmoc Moctezuma – Heineken Mexico President came on stage to present the Mexico City Special Edition Heineken Beer bottle which was treated to the attendees. After the broken Spanish speech lights went off and a pack of Heineken Models marched the runway with flashing Heineken bottles while green lights flared around to the beat of heavy Skrillex-style techno. Weird but kinda cool at the same time, sort of like the Fantasmic on crack.

D2 1

As the Beer Models walked off the lights dimmed again and the show finally started. The Project Runway winner and now mentor did not disappoint as the show started off strong with cool modern beats (Azaelia Banks) and long strut models marching forward with awesome dresses in silk and classy trench-style attires in brown or camel, not really sure but cool either way.

Orange, black, blue and browns dominated the collection and the styling was youthful but strong just like collection of It-girls would call for… it was actually very Mediterranean and regal in a way.

The pieces are strong and even though the dresses catch most of the attention I have to say I’m partial towards the skirts and dresses in earthy colors. The dresses were amazing and I can see them shine in cocktail parties for sure but the trench-like skirts were indeed more romantic and free.. they reminded me of spring in Madrid, the time of the year when people go out for tapas and wine right after work covered enough before the heat kicks in, classy but low key and very practical without losing style points, stylish modern day it girls in a collection inspired by their richer far more Royale counterparts.

Last but not least there was that one trench that was a start of its own, I’ll hunt it down and see if there is one in my size, yes, dudes can wear chic stuff too… lets say its revenge for the boyfriend shirt and all those hoodies girls have stolen from their boyfriends over the years in dorms worldwide…. (sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes)

But ANYWAYS, ’bout the show and collection… definitively loved it and hope to see it on it-girls next season already!

D2 2

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