Pokemon Go

Gotta Catch’em All ft. Kuosit

So we are finally here, we have become the weirdest (arguably most childish) generation ever! You know what I’m talking about, yes, Pokemon Go … your new God.

If you are not part of the craze you probably think the world is coming to an end, and I mean we don’t blame you… there are zombies on the street holding their phones catching virtual monsters and Donald Trump is running for president…. to make it worse you just realized that Taylor Swift is evil and you just want to cry and curse the Kardashians for bursting the bubble…. and did I mention that Donald Trump is running for president #FML #weareDOOMED

Enough rambling, now comes the fun…

So this weekend we decided to actually put to good use our lure and catch some Pokemon in Style. For this we asked the up-and-coming Finnish brand Kuosit for some of their sick outfits and we got Margot (our amazing Russian Dancer model)  to catch Pokemon in Style.

Yes, this is ridiculous as hell but it was so amazingly fun, we live in HORRIBLE violent and dangerous times, so thank goodness we have something as silly like Pokemon Go to forget that Donald Trump exists.

Zubat -1 zubat venonat venomat 2 Jynx IMG_2016-07-24-10533832 (1) Drowzy Drowzy 2 Caterpie Caterpie 3 Caterpie 2
Human Model: Margot Susi
PokeModels: Jynx, Zubat, Venonat, Caterpie, Drowzee
Clothes and Styling: Kuosit

Photos by Beto Guzman & Simon Bergman


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