Fresh Princess of Helsinki

The early 90’s, that period of time where everything was fluorescent and new. Rap was all the rave and Michael Jackson was the man. Will Smith was without a doubt the most charming dude on TV back then and we wouldn’t even dream about reality television outside the Real World from MTV, and yes Music Television was still playing music.

In today’s post Snooki had a baby days we kinda find comfort in the cheesiness and ridiculous songs by Public Enemy and Prince, those were simpler times… not saying I would go back, hell I wasn’t even 10 back then…. I’m happy with today but it would be foolish to say that the 90’s didn’t shape the way we do what we do today.

Long live the bad hair, flashy clothes, bad/classic music and the inappropriate stereotypes in pop-culture of the 90’s

Clothes: R/H the Label


Photo shot in Helsinki, Finland

Models: Anna-Maija Lahti (Finland/Finlandia)

Photography and Styling: Beto Guzmán Abundes

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