Alexia Ulibarri – SS/15 “Julietta”

Christmas comes once a year, unless you are into fashion.. then it comes multiple times and under the banner of Mercedes-Benz. So this Holiday season, I mean fashion week season me and two friends (Austria and Germany) headed south to Mexico City for the two last days of Fashion Week.

Alexia Ulibarri’s SS/15 Julietta Runway was our first show and I’ve gotta say it was very hard to top….. the dresses were so flowey and cute that they reminded me of either be Taylor Swift vacationing in Monaco or Magaery Tyrell in between husbands on Game of Thrones…….

Yes I think its more like the latter, these dresses are powerful because they manage to mix the ultra-feminine pastel color palette with statuesque shapes and textures.


Because of the sweet soft pastels drenched in yellow, peach and blue this collection is indeed soft enough to highlight a soft Scandinavian tan without losing its freshness or looking to cold….these dresses definitively have to make their way to Helsinki and Stockholm next spring once the snow melts …… hopefully this year long before May 🙁

Anyways my favorite dresses were the  long laced-style blue cape dress and the leathery looking skirt in brown and peach top…. kuddos Miss Ulibarri you have our interest 🙂



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