The Vinyl Vikings ft. Jorge Ayala

The spirit of adventure is dwindling in our times, there are no longer far away lands nor distant cultures we cannot be in touch through the internet, social media or regular media. Coming from Mexico we see the Nordics as exotic and far away but now being here I see how we are both perceived as exotic and colorful for them too.

For this Editorial I had the great pleasure of using the creations of Jorge Ayala, one of Mexico’s top fashion designers and indeed one of the most groundbreaking ones due to his use of color, shapes and an interpretation of modernity and urban styles that we don’t often see in Mexican Fashion.

Jorge Ayala is a Paris based brand and as such it serves as a cultural ambassador to Mexican culture abroad, as we all do as artists far from home. This Editorial is a mix of influences, a bit of Nordic and some American pop, but the distinct Mexican colors brighten not only the shot but bring vitality to the worn up concept of Vikings.

The Vinyl Vikings as I dubbed the editorial is a mix of 1990’s influences, super-model era power shots and a playful approach to sensuality in a very urban style.

With the help of Mira and Miila we got an amazing modern twist on the Viking braiding and war paint and our models could have not been better suited to bring this 90’s style Viking twist to life.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it this past weekend here in Helsinki, Finland.



Benito Santos by Chingatumoda

The Runaway Mermaid ft. Benito Santos

Summertime is in full swing and it is time to give Nordic Design a break and go back to my roots, that’s why the last summer editorials will feature Mexican Design. A mix of Nordic and Latino influences, lets see how this goes, first up the amazing Benito Santos!

This first Mexican Design Editorial features Benito Santos, one of Mexico’s top Fashion Designers, he dresses celebrities, socialites and even the first lady of Mexico and Miss Universe!… he is also one of the best-known fixtures  at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico , so we were totally psyched doing this Editorial.READ MORE

Pokemon Go

Gotta Catch’em All ft. Kuosit

So we are finally here, we have become the weirdest (arguably most childish) generation ever! You know what I’m talking about, yes, Pokemon Go … your new God.

If you are not part of the craze you probably think the world is coming to an end, and I mean we don’t blame you… there are zombies on the street holding their phones catching virtual monsters and Donald Trump is running for president…. to make it worse you just realized that Taylor Swift is evil and you just want to cry and curse the Kardashians for bursting the bubble…. and did I mention that Donald Trump is running for president #FML #weareDOOMED

Enough rambling, now comes the fun…

So this weekend we decided to actually put to good use our lure and catch some Pokemon in Style. For this we asked the up-and-coming Finnish brand Kuosit for some of their sick outfits and we got Margot (our amazing Russian Dancer model)  to catch Pokemon in Style.

Yes, this is ridiculous as hell but it was so amazingly fun, we live in HORRIBLE violent and dangerous times, so thank goodness we have something as silly like Pokemon Go to forget that Donald Trump exists.

Zubat -1 zubat venonat venomat 2 Jynx IMG_2016-07-24-10533832 (1) Drowzy Drowzy 2 Caterpie Caterpie 3 Caterpie 2
Human Model: Margot Susi
PokeModels: Jynx, Zubat, Venonat, Caterpie, Drowzee
Clothes and Styling: Kuosit

Photos by Beto Guzman & Simon Bergman



Fluorescent Skittle Rave Party ft. Rony Rex

This photoshoot was a total blast, the idea was to create something that would ooze color and remind a bit of California in the 1990’s…meaning fluorescent everything and a deep sense of chill i just wanna party, which is nothing new to Finnish DJ Rony Rex who is at the center of this shoot with his music.

The soundtrack for this shoot by Finnish DJ Rony Rex is strong and it perfectly matches the new idea of Helsinki, a bit more Brooklyn but still quite Nordic and modern.

The models are all Helsinki and Tampere based guys an girls who have more attitude in one sock than a party in a country club. It was very nice to bring a collection of clothes as vibrant as Teemu Keisteri’s Ukkeli Tshirts (and some of my own designs) and create the aesthetic of the perfect party to be in while in Helsinki.

Makeup and hair was put together by Mira who gave it a dose of rave an a very bright presence inspired in Ukkeli and our previous work, all this resulting in an amazing Rave Fashion Editorial.

I really hope you enjoyed this shoot and I wanna say thanks to Rony, the models, the crew, Teemu and Eve from Eerikinkatu 11 for letting us shoot in such an amazing location.


Ukkeli-J Ukkeli-I Ukkeli-K Ukkeli-H


Ukkeli-DBeershirt-chingatumoda Ukkeli-L Ukkeli-M Ukkeli-N Ukkeli-O Ukkeli-P Ukkeli-Q Ukkeli-R Ukkeli-S

Clothes: Ukkeli by Teemu Keisteri & Chingatumoda

Models: Rony Rex, Maria Myllykoski, Sampo Somerma, Ville Silvennoinen, Mikaela Välipakka, Mia Kyllönen, Oskari Inkeroinen, Tapio Holvio

MUAH: Mira Luhtala

Video  Simon Bergman and Cristian Rodrigo Medel

Production and Photography by Beto Guzmán Abundes


Celebrating Finnishness by Burlesque Tsunami

So I can finally share with you the pictures from the Burlesque Tsunami Editorial. This Editorial was shot in an the Old Customs of the Port of Helsinki. The brand created this collection in conjunction with six other brands to celebrate Burlesque Tsunami’s fourth Anniversary. The participating brands were Kolya KotovApparel & LoversAito StudiosFiona TimanttiMEM by Paula Malleus and A.M.O.D. Adrian Mustelin Optical Department

The idea for the Editorial was to highlight the pieces and present a very strong image of Finland, from Hockey to Viking Style ships these designs come alive through a bit of an epic styling by the amazing Miila Hyökki from Studio Verte and the amazing location courtesy of Tuula Halén and the amazing team over at Virgo Cohesion.

My idea for the pictures was to play with light and very strong poses, a little bit of a viking noir and a playful dose of burlesque.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Burlesque-Tsunami-1 Burlesque-Tsunami-2 Burlesque-Tsunami-3 Burlesque-Tsunami-4 Burlesque-Tsunami-5 Burlesque-Tsunami-6 Burlesque-Tsunami-7 Burlesque-Tsunami-8 Burlesque-Tsunami-9

and a couple more I liked but didn’t get to the lookbook. 

extra-1 extra-2 Extra-3