Big Park SS17 – Hera Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week as always managed to give us the right amount of edge that we need during the Fashion Season. One of the two shows we had the pleasure of attending was the Big Park SS17 show and boy did they bring it!!!

The Spring/Summer Collection perfectly captures 1990’s alternative rock spirit and the modern Korean Style we love, this collection needs to make it to North America and Europe and grace us with a more than welcome edge this Spring 2017 season.

Here are some of the best looks from the runway, Korea you are awesome and thanks to Big Park for having us.

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Pictures courtesy of Hela Seoul Fashion Week. 


Punavuori ft. Merïkh

Fall is upon us and we barely even have time to enjoy it before winter is here. We took a stroll around Helsinki with Merïkh Bag’s men’s collection and our Imperial Valley Beer Sweat this past weekend and made sure we matched the amazing Fall vibes we were getting from the collection.

The bags are not just sweet, they are perfect for weekend excursions or trips abroad, hey you’ve gotta do it in style there is no other way to live the Nordics.

img_4906 img_4975 img_5009img_5032img_5146img_5113 img_5136 img_5188 img_5194 img_5265

Model: Alex Purtov (Russia)

Photography: Beto Guzmán Abundes


The Nordic Outpost – Imperial Valley Collection pt.1

So its been a long time since I started the fashion project. First in Vaasa then in Monterrey but this winter it’s finally launching. This is the first part of the collection which I entitled the Imperial Valley.

The collection is inspired in Rugby, Ivy League Schools and Nordic habits.

Fabric is a blend of Cotton and Polyester, a throwback to the 1980’s 50/50 t-shirts. Hoodies are coming and they will be in Jersey and ultra thick cotton.

Clothes: Imperial Valley Collection Winter 2017
Photography and Design: Beto Guzmán Abundes
Model: Maikel Viedma


Starships ft. Yoav Shavit & Ivana Helsinki

We travel, we experience, we contemplate and we create… this past week I had the wonderful opportunity to do so and shoot an Editorial where I took design from my adoptive home and married it in my own particular way to amazing local Israeli Design.

By mixing Nordic and Israeli design I wanted to showcase Nordic Melancholy and the roughness and drama of the landscape.

With dim lights and under the impending light of sunrise we shot the amazing wooden lamps that Yoav Shavit had brought and an Ivana Helsinki Dress I had brought from Helsinki.

With the help of our model and poet Hadas Gilad we managed to capture the shapes and lines in what had once been a green spot in the center of Tel Aviv… a place that had been consumed by fire was now the setting for a temporary affair between Nordic and Israeli design.

As always my viewpoint reflects my mood and this was of awe of the amazing experience this trip was, i wanted to create something beautiful and wild that would show this new fascination for mixing and matching Israeli and Finnish Design, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

Lobster Lamp, Manta Lamp and Organix lamp by Yoav Shavit Studio.

Dress by Ivana Helsinki

Model: Hadas Gilad

Photography and concept: Beto Guzmán Abundes

Editorial Assistant: Alex Purtov

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-3yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-13yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-5yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-4yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-7yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-8yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-15 yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-6 yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-9 yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-12 yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-14 yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-16yoav-shavitivana-helsinki-22

A poem by Hadas Gilad.

בְּלֵית בְּרֵרָה הֵמַרְנוּ עֲרָכִים
בִּמְקוֹם אִטִּיּוּת וַהֲנָאָה
הִצַּבְנוּ יְעִילוּת בְּרֹאשׁ הָרְשִׁימָה.
לֹא שֶׁהֶאֱמַנּוּ בַּזֶּה
נֶאֱלַצְנוּ לְהִכָּנַע וְלָרוּץ
כָּל אֶחָד עִם כֵּלָיו הַכְּבֵדִים
פַּטִּישׁ, מַטְלִית לַחָה, רִשְׁרוּשׁ דַּפִּים.
בְּתוֹךְ תּוֹכֵנוּ תָּמִיד יָדַעְנוּ
שֶׁבְּהִיָּה הִיא מַעְיָן זַךְ
אֲבָל מַפֹּלֶת סְלָעִים
הֵסִיתָה אֲפִלּוּ אֶת דַּעְתֵּנוּ.
אֲנַחְנוּ נִזְכָּרִים לִפְעָמִים
בַּלֵּילוֹת שֶׁלֹּא רָטַט מֵעֲלֵיהֶם מִכְסֶה הַבֹּקֶר
בַּמֶּרְחָק שֶׁעָמַד בֵּין הַשְּׁכָמוֹת
כְּשֶׁכַּף יָד הָיְתָה נְטוּלָה בְּתוֹךְ כַּף יָד
בַּבִּטָּחוֹן הַשָּׁקֵט שֶׁהָאֲחֵרוּת שֶׁלָּנוּ
הַמַּבְדִּילָה בֵּין אוֹר לְחֹשֶׁךְ
תּוֹשִׁיעֵנוּ מִכָּל צָרָה.
אֲנַחְנוּ עוֹצְרִים מִדֵּי פַּעַם
כְּדֵי לִכְבֹּשׁ לָנוּ רֶגַע
עוֹשִׂים טֶלֶפוֹן מִתַּחַת לָעֵץ
סוֹחֲטִים מִיץ תַּפּוּזִים
מְלַוִּים בְּמַבָּט צִפּוֹר עָפָה

At Flight
We were coerced to exchange values
To replace slowliness and joy
With efficiency
Not that we believed in it
We were forced to yield and run
Each with his own heavy tools
A hammer, a wet wipe,
The shifting of papers
Deep inside we’ve all ways known
That gazing is a fountain of clear water
But tumbling rocks
Distracted even us.
Sometimes we recall
Nights without the teetering morning lid
The gap between the blades of the shoulder
When hand was at another hand
The silent certainty that our difference,
That suppurates light from dark,
Shall savior us from all evil.
We stop
Here and there
To concur ourselves a moment
Making a phone call under a tree
Squeezing orange juice
To follow the flight
Of a bird


Kalevala buddy gemmi

Old Hollywood Style meets Finnish Design ft. the Kalevala Buddy & Gemmi

Helsinki Design Week is here and BiiSafe and Kalevala Innovation Lab from Kalevala Kore presented their first collaboration, the Kalevala Buddy. The Kalevala Buddy is an amazing new luxury gadget that will help you keep track of your things, track your activity and keep your belongings safe.

We shot an editorial for the occasion in the amazing Klaus K Hotel in the heart of the Helsinki Design District. The style for the occasion called for something old (in this case an inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s Classic Hollywood days) and something very new, in this case the amazing designs by Kalevala and BiiSafe Buddy.

Fur is a symbol of luxury and style and the hotel was the perfect setting to show that our world is modern and filled with technology and design, a new gold period for Helsinki as slowly tech and fashion merge together.

Helsinki Design Week being the most important Design and Fashion event in the country was the perfect excuse to present a new luxury, a new vibe through our amazing model Maï who herself came from Paris to live in Helsinki.

We hope you enjoy the editorial and make sure you check the new Kalevala Buddy Designs from BiiSafe which will be available on November 2016.

Special thanks to all involved in the shoot and Gemmi and the Klaus K Hotel.

Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi Kalevala buddy gemmi

Model: Maï Soreau
MUAH: Mira Luhtala
Clothes: Gemmi
Jewelry: Kalevala Buddy by BiiSafe and Kalevala Innovation Lab
Location: Klaus K 
Editorial assistant: Alex Purtov
Photos and Concept: Beto Guzman Abundes